Calypso is a printer designed for a small home office. It uses a horizontal format which allows it to print sheets as wide as eleven inches. The printer is also equipped with a stationary scanner built into the feeding system, which is controlled by a pop-up touch screen. 




Printers are currently a stagnating market. Mobile devices, cloud storage, and email have become the primary mode of sharing and storing information. Printers are still essential devices, however, as forms, posters, and other items still usually require physical copies.


Mechanical Research

I disassembled a printer to understand the mechanical and electrical requirements for this design. Some parts, such as input and output trays, had fixed dimensions, since they needed to house standard paper. Circuit boards and similar components were more flexible in scale, however, and could be altered to fit the design.



I primarily used two-dimensional sketching for concept development in the early stages of the project.



To assess the overall volume of the design, I created rough models that represented the internal components of the printer. I then created a foam core model based around my volume studies.


Final Design


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